Jarvis Cocker and the School of Noise

We are very excited to read what Jarvis Cocker had to say about our workshops:

“The School of Noise is one of those ideas that you just KNOW is right: bringing back a sense of wonder & accessibility to music-making. Music is organised noise & organising noise is fun! Dan Mayfield manages to communicate this fact to all those he works with. I doff my cap to him”Jarvis Cocker

Here is the link to the Independent article on School of Noise where Dan explains more about the project and what the School of Noise is all about – here

Museum of London – The Museum of Lost Sounds

night-museumWe are excited to be part of Illuminations Festival at the Museum of London on the 29th October. Throughout the evening people will have opportunity to have a hands on play with our noise making machines and scientific sound apparatus.

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Improvised evening class for grown ups

Here are a few photos from our recent night at The Social with Bowers & Wilkins. The aim of the evening was for anyone to come along and play on the range of sound making and sound sculpting devices we had out on the tables. People could listen to their own sounds on headphones and once they had a sound that they liked they fed it into the speaker system. Everyone was encouraged to improvise and perform the sounds together which created a fascinating long piece of improvised experimental electronic music throughout the night. As well as being the performers those who took part were also the audience members to the music.

Social1  Social3
Social4  Social2