This piece involved a group of five children who each had one glockenspiel note, a metronome and a dice.
1. Roll the dice to determine a number
2. Start the metronomes
3. Strike the glockenspiel note after the number of ticks determined by the dice roll.
(i.e if it landed on a 3 then on the third tick strike the note)
In this recording you can hear one of the notes being played on every beat, this is because one of the children rolled a 1.

Bowie Cut-Up Poem

At a recent workshop a group of children made a Dadaist poem using a cut-up technique. This involved cutting out words from newspaper headlines on the day after David Bowie passed away. The words were put into a bag and pulled out randomly one by one to form a poem. The children read the poem aloud and recorded it. Bowie had used this cut-up technique to create some of his lyrics and this is our homage to his life and works.

Improvised evening class for grown ups

Here are a few photos from our recent night at The Social with Bowers & Wilkins. The aim of the evening was for anyone to come along and play on the range of sound making and sound sculpting devices we had out on the tables. People could listen to their own sounds on headphones and once they had a sound that they liked they fed it into the speaker system. Everyone was encouraged to improvise and perform the sounds together which created a fascinating long piece of improvised experimental electronic music throughout the night. As well as being the performers those who took part were also the audience members to the music.

Social1  Social3
Social4  Social2